Lengthen your nails or just strengthen them. Our experienced nail technicians offers everything to help keep your natural nails neat, clean, healthy, and strong. All hand and foot treatments include an aromatherapy massage. Hygiene is our primary concern. Our instruments are sanitized thoroughly between clients. For your personal use, we now sell personal nail files that you may bring along with you for each service.

Hand Relieving Manicure
Essentials technicians soak and clean your cuticles, gently file, massage and polish your nails.

French Polish
A white French tip is hand painted on your nails.


Spa Manicure
In addition to a manicure, hands are dipped in a warm paraffin bath to soften skin, soothe sore joints and improve circulation.

Sport Manicure
A polish-free manicure. Nails are gently buffed to a healthy glow.

Reflexology Manicure
This revitalizing hand treatment uses warm paraffin and stress-relieving techniques of reflexology massage to help revive arthritic and overworked hands.

Caribbean Manicure
An aromatic experience that combines our traditional manicure, Aveda's Caribbean Bath and Body products, and an island exfoliating paste with a relaxing lower hand and arm massage.

Express Manicure and Pedicure Combo
This shortened version of nail treatments focus on the priority areas of your hands and feet, complete with polish application. (Please mention any nail repairs or special polish requests)